– Basics of (science) communication
– Exploring the media landscape
– Scientific findings – the pathway from a journal publication to public/into media
– Exercises in public writing: how to write a press release and/or an article for the general audience

The course is aimed specifically at female scientists, who are often still underrepresented in the media. In this context, we will address questions such as: How do I get my topic into media? Is there a (gender) bias when journalists are looking for interview partners, and how does the bias look like? Is there a gender dependent difference in taking the initiative to „sell“ one own’s research topic to media and if yes how could we counteract?

science communication for women

The Diversity Board held this event in December 2023 with the following objectives:
– Networking between female scientists of the CRC1601 on different career levels (from students to Professors) and from different institutes.
– Announcement of CRC 1601 Diversity Board funding possibilities
– Raising awareness about new female career promotion funding in 2024