Garbage Disposal in the CRC1601

This is a living document. At the moment we started with the measures that are or can be taken at the Astrophysics Institute of the University of Cologne. Recommendations for the other institutes of the CRC and more measures will follow as soon as some agreement has been reached.


The UzK has separate boxes for paper in the waste areas outside of the buildings. Unfortunately, it seems that the cleaning personnel of the UzK does not separate different waste bins in the offices into the usual categories (residual, paper, plastic and cans, etc.), but everything is gathered as residual waste in the end. We are still looking for some place where we can collect paper inside the buildings that is not forbidden by fire regulations. Until then, we recommend that you bring large amounts of paper or paper boxes directly to the waste areas (of buildings 321 and 312). They are locked with a triangular key. The key can be obtained in the mechanical workshop and at Steffi Simon.


Plastics waste

Due to the separation problem described above, as long as this is not solved, we recommend that you do not through away things in the office that you could get rid of at home in the “yellow” box or “yellow bag”.

Normal waste

As usual, deposited in the waste bins in your offices.


Empty batteries can be brought to the electronics workshop, room 309 in building 321. We also collect them at the regular coffee-for-garbage days. We are currently looking for a solution of a collection box to be stored in the kitchen. However, this needs still confirmation in terms of fire protection safety.

Electronic devices (old or broken devices, cables, etc.)

Old computers, screens cables, etc. can be deposited in Room 013 in the cellar of the I. Physics building (building 321). Take the elevator in the red corridor and go down to floor -1. Turn right and then right again into the corridor. The first door to the left is Room 013. The door can be opened with the standard IP5 room key. If you don’t have a that key at the secretariat.

In the left-back corner there are two gray boxes where you can put your old devices, etc.



Alternatively, you can bring your devices to our regular garbage days. See our regular newsletters. 

Hazardous stuff and special waste

UzK has a special department dealing with hazardous or chemical wastes. They can be brought to the building 325, Greinstr. 8, just in front of the main physics building or picked up by authorized personnel from there. However all items need an electronic registration through their management system.

General Recommendation for Working Groups

Set up a box locally where the group can gather small broken things, batteries, etc. and which will be brought to the deposit on a regular basis. Assign someone in the group to take care of the box. Let all group members know about this solution, to avoid that broken things are piled up in the offices.
(Should we assign a person per working group (look for volunteers if it’s not one of us) and make a list of these people so that we know all the contact persons?)


Many more ideas can be brought up to achieve more sustainable approaches for the garbage. We ask all CRC members to provide additions to this text or other ideas to the Sustainability board. As usual you can use the form for suggestions for all your input.