Project leaders: Walch-Gassner, Stefanie (PH1); Valencia-Schneider, Monica (RRZK); Schlemmer, Stephan (PH1); Bertoldi, Frank (AIfA); Kramer, Michael (MPIfR); Pfalzner, Susanne (FZJ)

Documentation of data products and processes in the different pillars. The stars mark the areas where activities are planed in this INF as part of specific work packages.

The CRC research is based on four pillars: instrumentation, observations, 3D simulations, and laboratory astrophysics. This implies data and workflows of different types and specifications, which require different research data management (RDM) and research software management (RSM) solutions. Currently used tools and services allow researchers to document data and procedures, but more has to be done to comply with the FAIR(4RS) principles and to bring more transparency about handling and quality of the data.

Establishing an interconnected infrastructure that ensures the documentation, preservation, and quality assessment of data and procedures, allowing the project partners to select and use the RDM services most suitable for their own needs, to exchange research products (data, procedures, code, etc.) in an efficient and transparent way and to make all the relevant scientific data accessible within the CRC and to the astronomical community as a whole.

Working plan:
We plan to cover the gaps in RDM within the 4 pillars that were identified in the needs assessment and classified in three categories: 1) Documentation & legal aspects, 2) RDM/RSM support along the data-life cycle, and 3) Skills development & Cooperation (see Figure)



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