Offers for SFB-members and guests with children

Parent-Child Room at PH1

Parent-Child Room at AIfA

Parent-Child Room at MPIfR

  • The CRC can organise child care during conferences, retreats, and symposia:
    Please contact the coordinator if needed.
    Further information
  • The CRC will also cover expenses which arise from having childcare longer than usual due to work commitments, eg at the Universitiy-operated KiTa Paramecium.
  • The CRC supports fund pooling activities to increase child care capacities:
  • In fall a survey (not only) about possible child-care demands for the upcoming year is conducted. The CRC will buy back-up childcare tickets based on this. Parents can also use this service and get a reimbursement.
  • The CRC supports parents who use the school holiday offers of the Universities by reimbursing the costs.
  • The CRC helps in organising a KiTa place at the cooperational KiTa Fröbel. Please indicate your interest in the survey or contact the coordinator if you need a place before the survey. The placement process, necessary forms and contact details can be found here.

KidsBox is the mobile child room in your office.

A Kids Box can be borrowed for your office.

To use it in your office in University of Cologne, please contact the Diversity Board.

To use it in your office in University of Bonn, see here.